Dance Styles at DanceWorks Geelong

Toddler and Kinder Dance

Our Toddler and Kinder dance programs are designed by Director Jana Kolacz, qualified dance teacher and registered occupational therapist. Classes introduce your child into the exciting world of music, dance and creative expression. Classes assist in motor development, building social and emotional confidence, as well as learning age appropriate ballet and jazz dancing skills. Class sizes are kept small so that our teachers can divide their attention between all students evenly. Toddler Dance classes start from age 2, progressing to our Kinder classes for age 3.5 – 5 years.


DanceWorks Geelong’s specialty! Our tap classes are fast paced, with our teachers bringing their diverse tap styles to each class. With a mix of theatrical and industrial tap, this style of dance is always new and exciting for students and helps develop  rhythm, coordination and musicality. Tap dancers have shoes that are fitted with metal plates that enable them to make beats and rhythms, a must for ongoing participation in this dance class. Boys only classes are also available in this style. Exams are available in the Australian Teacher’s of Dance (ATOD) syllabus for those interested in extending their tap technique.


Jazz classes at DanceWorks Geelong are always high in energy and lots of fun! Classes begin with a high intensity warm up of cardio, strength exercises and stretches and progress into technical combinations including kicks, jumps and turns. These combinations are then incorporated into a dance routine. Our jazz classes enable students to become strong, technical dancers, transferable to other popular dance styles.


DanceWorks Geelong offers Ballet classes from age 3.5 to adults. Exams are available in the Australian Teacher’s of Dance (ATOD) syllabus for those interested in extending their ballet technique. It is a graceful style of dance that provides an important foundation for all other dance styles. It enables students to develop their posture, balance, flexibility, self-discipline and musicality. Classes progress through barre and centre work combinations and finish with a routine.

Hip Hop

DanceWorks Geelong offers strong classes in Hip Hop and urban choreography. Our teachers have trained with top hip hop choreographers in Melbourne and Sydney and bring their own unique style to their classes. Hip Hop classes focus on enabling the dancer to add their own personality and flare whilst learning to control and isolate their body. Our classes incorporate sub-styles such as popping, locking, krumping, and break dance. Boys Only classes are also available in this style.


Contemporary dance classes at DanceWorks Geelong are designed to increase body awareness, movement, and flow through dance. Contemporary encompasses various dance methods that break free from traditional classical ballet. The style uses the natural alignment and energy of the body and aims to encourage creativity and expression. Classes involve a stretching component as well as improvisation, partnering work and a routine.

 Theatre Jazz

DanceWorks Geelong’s Theatre Jazz classes are perfect for those that wish to gain experience in musical theatre style choreography. This is a diverse class great for building confidence and performance skills.


Conditioning classes are to be taken in addition to the other dance classes offered at DanceWorks Geelong and aim to improve stamina, strength and flexibility.